UKAS accreditation

12th January 2015

UKAS accreditation performed by Omni-Cem

As part of the certification and accreditation program for the prototype of CemTest instrument, a series of tests were completed using CEM I and CEM II Portland cements suggested by the members of the Mineral Products Association which include the UK's Largest Cement manufacturers.

The test were performed by Omni-Cem Limited (an UKAS accredited laboratory), to compare against the traditional EN196-1 28 standards, they performed three tests using various types of cements to compare the test results against our CemTest Prototype.

We performed three tests at Omni-Cem using various timed readings to assess the conductivity on each cement sample, and then averaged the results to conclude the final compressive strength (Mpa).

We continue to complete further development work to introduce the CemTest instrument to the world market.


Omni-Cem Limited is an independent construction materials test and analysis laboratory, specialising in the testing and appraisal of cementitious materials. Omni-Cem Limited gained UKAS accreditation for testing in May 2010.

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Mineral Products Association

The trade association for the aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, dimension stone, lime, mortar and silica sand industries.

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