HeidelbergCement laboratory tests

13th May 2015

Source: HeidelbergCement Georgia website.

HeidelbergCement Group

Competence and quality

In more than 40 countries across the world, HeidelbergCement stands for competence and quality. Since its foundation in 1873 company has grown from a regional to one of the world’s leading building materials group. HeidelbergCement Georgia LTD - Rustavi cement plant laboratory kindly agreed to perform tests on several types of cement comparing against the traditional EN 196-1 standards with one of our CemTest prototypes.

We are absolutely satisfied with the results so far, and trials of our CemTest prototype are still continuing at the HeidelbergCement Georgia laboratory.

Test results comparison

Cement typeEN7CT7EN28CT28
CEM II B/P 32.5N38.536.84644
CEM I 42.5R38.836.151.153.5
CEM II B/P 32.5N34.335.645.143.3
CEM I 42.5R4542.154.453.5
CEM II B/P 32.5N36.138.846.844.6
Clinker (Lab mill)43.141.15756.2
Clinker (Lab mill)38.934.351.949.6
CEM II B/P 32.5N27.926.337.838.4
CEM II B/P 32.5N26.826.83738.7
Clinker (Lab mill)
CEM II B/P 32.5N30.328.639.938.6
CEM I 42.5R39.238.153.551.4
CEM II B/P 32.5N33.331.446.646
Clinker (Lab mill)38.939.848.547.8
CEM I 42.5R42.344.949.253.6
CEM I 42.5R43.644.25252.8
CEM II B/P 32.5N29.838.938.838.3


EN7 - EN 196-1 compressive strength 7 days MPA
CT7 - CemTest compressive strength 7 days MPA
EN28 - EN 196-1 compressive strength 28 days MPA
CT28 - CemTest compressive strength 28 days MPA


HeidelbergCement Georgia Ltd. Rustavi cement Plant Laboratory certificate of tests.


In 2010, it was the world's third largest cement producer, the market leader in aggregates and fourth in ready-mix concrete. In 2010 the company produced around 78 million tonnes of cement.

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