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Concrete Smart Test are committed to developing solutions to perform accurate tests on the compressive and flexural strength of cement and freshly mixed concrete.

We are introducing new innovative instruments that can detect the quality of cement and concrete that will be used in important construction projects worldwide, such as dams, bridges, oil facilities, etc.

Our concept originates over 20 years ago from the former Soviet Union, where the quality of cement and concrete was not to specification, and as a result caused major construction delays, environmental issues, financial penalties, health and safety problems.

We aspire to provide the construction and oil industries with accurate accelerated methods of testing.

Our aspirations

Our commitment is to revolutionise the method of testing cement and concrete as construction projects becomes more and more important to developing countries worldwide.

As a team, we are determined to introduce new innovative ideas and products that assist in accelerating the test of the strength of cement and concrete products to the construction industry.

We have recognised in developing countries especially, that there is a need for accelerated testing of materials. It is essential that in these countries they can identify the quality of product supplied for construction projects. However, the fact is that the traditional process takes 28 days, it's expensive and time consuming.

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We are members of Made in Britain campaign.

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